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Joshua Ballance: Composing

Joshua writes acoustic music for a wide variety of ensembles and settings, both sacred, and for concerts. Nonetheless, he is always interested to explore new performance contexts for his music. He is used to writing for a variety of different performing abilities, from school-aged students up to professional specialists. Below is a list of his works. All scores are © Joshua Ballance, and for perusal only. Should you be interested in performing or commissioning a work, please use the Contact page.

Joshua is also an experienced arranger: a list of his arrangements can be found below. Please use the Contact page for a perusal score or hire quote.


This Little Island of Me

3' • Baritone & Piano • view score


Little Things

45" • Solo Piano • view score

They Were Too Much Wanting To Be Loved 

9' • Mezzo-Soprano & Piano • view score

Wie ein Hauch 

2' • Solo clarinet


A Song of Humility 

4' • SATB choir & organ • view score

Manuscript Ruined by Water

10' • soprano, tape, and ensemble (fl. (+picc.), cl., pno., vln. I, vln. II, vla., vcl.) • view score

Mere Ripples

12' • chamber orchestra (

St Pancras Magnificat

5' • SSATB choir • view score  BBC Radio 3 broadcast


Der Mond läuft über hohe Eichen

11' • horn solo & mixed ensemble (2 ob., 2 cl., bsn., trb., vln., vcl.)

Lord, I am not worthy

1' • SATB choir • view score

When The Rain Came

9' • countertenor & piano • view score

The Willow Song

4' • children's choir (2 parts) & piano • view score


De profundis 

4' • SATB choir • view score

Three Marian Meditations

i. Of one who is so fair and bright

ii. Lady, Flower Of Everything

iii. Queen of Paradise

10' • organ solo • view score

Rose light enflamed the eastern sky

8' • mixed ensemble (fl., ob., cl., bsn., hn., vln. I, vln. II, vla., vcl.)


A Glistening Star

3' • SATB choir

Dark Across A Darkening Sky

10' • countertenor & baritone soloists with mixed ensemble (fl. (+ a. fl.), ob. (+ c.a.), cl. (+ b. cl.), bsn., hn., perc. I (glock., b. drum.), perc. II (sus. cyb., tn. drum), ct., bar., vln. I, vln. II, vla., vcl.) view score

Judas mercator pessimus

3' • AATTBarB sextet

My God, My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?

4' • SATB choir & baritone soloist

Pretty Soon the Redness Turned Purple

5' • chamber orchestra (


When the evening is spread out against the sky

- • piano solo or piano ensemble


Decision Music

7' • soloist & ensemble (solo: any treble instrument; ensemble: any group of at least two treble and two bass instruments)

How does it fit me?

- • sinfonietta (fl., ob., cl., bsn., hn., tr., t. trb., b. trb., perc. I (tr., tn. drum, bag of knives), perc. II (sus cyb., sd. drum), vln. I, vln. II, vla., vcl., db.)


7' •  quintet (fl., b. cl., vib., pno., db.)

to the very end

10' • countertenor & mixed ensemble (fl., perc. (t-t., glock., mar., sus. cyb., vib., sd. drum), ct., pno., vln., vcl.)


6' • trio (fl., vcl., hp.)


There is no rose of such virtue

4' • SATB choir & organ


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